10 ways the SEC doesn't play for BCS title 

October, 7, 2009

The SEC has won the past three BCS titles. The conference has what the polls view as three of the country's top four teams.

It's hard to imagine the league getting completely shut out of the BCS title game in Pasadena this year. But -- it's not totally impossible (although I put the chances of its happening at less than 5 percent).

There are 10 scenarios via which it could happen, though. Let's explore:

1. If Georgia wins out:

The Bulldogs may be coming off a heartbreaking loss to LSU, but their season could completely turn if they were to upset Florida on Halloween. That could translate into an SEC East title if they win out and go on to win the SEC title game. The downside: A two-loss UGA, especially in light of several other unbeaten conference title games, might mean the SEC gets shut out of the BCS title game for the first time in years in favor of an unbeaten Texas, unbeaten Boise and Cincy, or a one-loss USC and Virginia Tech.

2. Florida beats LSU and goes undefeated in the regular season, but then loses to LSU after the Tigers beat Alabama to win the SEC West, making the Tigers the SEC champs:

This would create three one-loss SEC teams, but let's say the Tigers didn't then overtake unbeaten Texas and Cincinnati teams despite the fact that the Bearcats beat only two ranked teams (at USF and at Pitt).

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