Bama 2010, Brian Kelly and 'Swingers' 

January, 14, 2010

Hey, everyone. I've had some technical issues the last couple of days -- my laptop was basically shot -- but they're getting resolved now, and I should be back on a consistent, daily blogging schedule by the beginning of next week. Thank you for submitting questions and tweets in the meantime. That's what I'm going to do today: attempt to answer some of them. So, here we go -- mailbag time.

From Paul in Dallas: Everyone has already piled onto the Bama bandwagon for 2010. People are already tossing around the 'dynasty' word. Any chance this backfires as it did for Florida this season?

I don't think the pressure will be the same -- or even close to it. The hype around that UF team, in part because of how many players returned on defense and because of the aura of Tim Tebow (namely, was he going to assert himself as the best college football player ever?), things felt like they got out of hand. That was no fault of the Gators, but it happened. I'm sure that didn't do Urban Meyer's health any favors. That's tough for any team, much less a college one.

Nick Saban is a different guy. He seems to handle these sorts of elements -- or distractions -- as well as or perhaps better than any coach in college football. I also think it's a real big plus that there isn't really a marquee player to focus on. Yeah, there's Mark Ingram, but he's got Trent Richardson pushing him so much. There is a good balance there. And they do have a ton of rising stars returning on both sides of the ball. Plus, UF, their toughest competition in the SEC, is losing so much this season.

I think they're almost a lock to be preseason No. 1 this summer.