The first of many Tebow debates 

January, 28, 2010
If you appreciate the sound of Bruce Feldman's voice and want to hear him discuss Tebow, please click here.

Tim Tebow's NFL potential is the most polarizing topic at this week's Senior Bowl. The former Florida Gators star has been touted by some as a top-10 pick and by others as a guy who will have to play H-back because his skill set doesn't translate to playing quarterback in the NFL.

This week's topic in "The Argument" (something I'm doing every Thursday now): Does Tebow have the tools to be a starting NFL quarterback?

Up first: Daniel Jeremiah, a former scout for the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. He runs the site

Daniel Jeremiah's argument

I have spent the week studying Tim Tebow at the Senior Bowl, and my original opinion has not been swayed. I believe the odds are stacked against Tebow's ever becoming a starting quarterback at the next level. I have two major concerns: his release and his accuracy on drive throws.