2010 turnarounds for Stoops, Fisher 

February, 5, 2010
I'm traveling today -- got a layover in Phoenix coming up shortly -- so this mailbag entry (my norm for Friday) will be shorter than most. Let's dive in.

From Joe in Birmingham: What team that finished unranked last year is most likely to end this year in top 10?

I was tempted to say the Oklahoma Sooners, but I'll go with the Florida State Seminoles. Christian Ponder is back and he's as good as any QB out there. The Noles' young O-line won't be so young any more. The defense, which has been really shaky in recent years, will get a boost from a lot of big-time freshmen to go with some really promising young players already in the program. The downside is that the nonconference schedule is rough: at Oklahoma and against the Florida Gators and Brigham Young Cougars. They also have to play at the Miami Hurricanes this season.

From Scott in Hawaii: What do you make of the rumor that the MWC was adding Nevada, Fresno State, and Boise State. The WAC would then add Sacramento State, Southern Utah, UC Davis, and Cal Poly from Div. 1AA. Do your sources say anything?

A source I spoke with said this is really just a rumor. Keep in mind that the MWC was formed because the presidents at that time did not want divisional play; they wanted all eight (now nine) teams to play on an annual basis. Jumping up to 12 teams would mean divisional play again. Complicating things even further would be the economics issue with supposed expansion as it would relate to the Mountain West TV contract. It isn't going to change with the addition of more teams, which means the money would be split 12 ways instead of nine.