Drew Brees is the prototype 

February, 8, 2010
I didn't grow up as a fan of the Indianapolis Colts or the New Orleans Saints -- and, like many people in that subset, I found myself rooting for the Saints last night. I like both Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, but aside from all the big New Orleans storylines, Manning and the Colts already had one ring.

Brees, who has been fantastic since arriving in New Orleans, put on one of the most impressive performances on the Super Bowl stage ever. He completed better than 82 percent of his passes and hit on 18 of his final 19 throws of the night. Still, the thing that I'll most remember from this night some 20 years from now, I bet, is the sweet image of Brees hugging his baby boy, who had those big headphones on to shield his ears from all of the commotion.

A great thing about sports is we often get to see one of the best moments in a person's life unfold before our eyes. To see Brees cherishing that moment with his son was very touching -- especially for 100 million strangers to share in.

Sunday night shouldn't validate the former Purdue Boilermakers star's greatness as an NFL QB. I think that was already reconciled a while back, but it did dawn on me last night that it does underscore that trend of prodigious Texas-bred QBs who have flourished in college football over the past decade or so.

We've talked about this subject a bunch in the past few years given how prolific a lot of these guys have been in college (many, like Brees, have relocated to programs outside their home state and thrived). More and more I noticed recently that young QBs say Brees is their idol when asked about who they try to pattern their game after. After all, the guy is only listed at 6-foot, which we have heard time and time again, is not the NFL ideal.

To many, many aspiring QBs, Drew Brees is the prototype.