Herschel's recruitment and pro Gators 

February, 16, 2010
It is amazing to see what recruiting has grown into. The change in the last five years has been significant -- in large part due to the boom in fan interest. Things have become so chaotic in recruiting coverage -- especially in terms of how how coaches, recruits, fans and the media handle the process -- it's pretty eye-opening when we get reminders of how it used to be, especially when you go back 15 or 20 years before certain NCAA rules were in place and it's almost comical to see how things were.

Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote recently about Herschel Walker's recruitment back in 1980 and included a three-minute local news clip that really is fascinating to watch. If you don't want to go through the link above, the video clip is also right here.

In the segment, the topic of the new black Trans Am that Walker was driving is discussed. Apparently the sports car led to a lot of speculation back then. Walker said his parents had bought him the car.

You see in the clip both then-Georgia Bulldogs coach Vince Dooley and a Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets coach commenting on Walker before he has signed anywhere. Different era, different rules.

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