The Dorsey vs. Suh discussion 

February, 18, 2010
It's NFL draft season these days, so let's dive in to the normal Friday mailbag with a query about the expected No. 1 pick, Ndamukong Suh from the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

From Grant in Pierre, S.D.: Do you think it's weird that Bo Pelini coached Glenn Dorsey with the LSU Tigers -- and Dorsey hasn't been elite in the NFL yet? Maybe Suh will have the same issue?

The NFL personnel guys won't make that leap; I'd doubt it. You have two very different players who came from different leagues, and there are too many variables that separate the two. That said, I thought Dorsey was going to have a much bigger impact than he's had thus far in the NFL, but it's still early. I asked my pal Daniel Jeremiah, a former NFL scout and the creator of the site MovetheSticks for his thoughts on the Pelini connection and how the NFL personnel world might view it. Here's what he said to me: