Tebow and nine other polarizers 

March, 3, 2010
Now that the NFL combine is over, the scrutiny of some of the most celebrated players we've seen in years kicks into high gear.

Stock up?

Stock down?

Depends on who you ask.

This week, for a top-10 list, we're going with the 10 most polarizing players in the 2010 draft:

1. Tim Tebow (from the Florida Gators) -- QB (or maybe H-back/TE)
C'mon, like there could be anyone else in this spot. Tebow talk will dominate the draft coverage right through late April. Is he an every-down QB? How will he do at his pro day March 17, since he's worked hard to shorten his previously slow and long delivery? Did his fast shuttle times and impressive vertical jump (38.5 inches, tied for best ever by a QB) actually give more juice to the camp that says he's best suited to be an H-back or a fullback? Did the Gators staff do him a disservice by not doing more to overhaul his elongated throwing motion? (I say no. I spoke about this at ESPN The Weekend this past Sunday and used the example of tinkering that went haywire. Look up former Gatorade National Football Player of the Year Chris Walsh. I once had a college coach tell me he'd never seen a QB's mechanics messed up worse than what happened to Walsh in the early '90s.)

Some former NFL coaches, such as Tony Dungy and Sam Wyche, have said they think Tebow can be a starting NFL QB. Many scouts and some NFL personnel folks, including former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah, have remarked that Tebow just doesn't have the skills to be an NFL QB.

My colleagues Todd McShay and Mel Kiper have been the most vocal about it. We'll see what happens.