Mauer, big money and FSU's slide 

March, 23, 2010
I saw the news about Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer signing an eight-year, $184 million deal Monday. Guess he made a pretty shrewd decision picking baseball over football.

Mauer, as you probably know, was once a prized QB recruit from Minnesota prep powerhouse Cretin-Derham Hall (alma mater of Steve Walsh, Chris Weinke and Seantrel Henderson, among others). Mauer had a 41-5 TD-INT ratio in his senior year of high school. He was honored as the USA Today Offensive Player of the Year. He signed with Florida State in a celebrated 2001 class.

It's probably not fair to compare baseball contracts to football deals, but I was stuck in the car for a long time yesterday and I started thinking about it anyhow. Mauer's new contract is probably triple what all the other USA Today All-American QBs of the past 20 years have made in their respective pro careers combined.

You can find NFL salary info here, by the way, and MLB salary info here.

Start in 1990 with Eric Zeier (six seasons as an NFL backup) then move on up the line: Tommie Frazier, '91 (was unable to play pro ball due to a blood clot); Ron Powlus, '92 (only played in the NFL during the preseason); Josh Booty, '93 (three seasons as the Browns' third-string QB); Dan Kendra, '94 (finished his FSU career as a fullback); Tim Couch, '95 (the biggest-money guy of the group, he once signed a seven-year deal with a maximum of $48 mil, but of that, $12.25 million was a guaranteed signing bonus; he last played in 2003).