The next chapter for Joe McKnight 

April, 1, 2010
A crowd of some two dozen reporters huddled around Joe McKnight Wednesday afternoon as he attempted to address why he opted not to run the 40-yard dash at USC's pro day, felt the need to get bigger, opted to go pro early -- and whether he still would've, if he had been allowed to play in the Emerald Bowl.

It's always surreal seeing a 21-year-old trying to explain his life in some 13-minute postmortem. There were a handful of other questions broached, but then the former Trojans tailback/return man was asked whether he felt like his three-year career at USC was a disappointment.

McKnight gave an answer that seemed to encapsulate his time in Southern California:

"No, I'm not disappointed. I'm a little unhappy with how it went. I'm not unhappy with how it ended but I am unhappy with how it went with my three years here."