On the Gamecocks in 2010 

April, 13, 2010
Can the South Carolina Gamecocks break through and become a powerhouse? There have been predictions of breakout seasons under the Ol' Ball Coach in past years, but the Gamecocks haven't produced. Steve Spurrier has been at Carolina for six seasons already, and the guy who did the unthinkable -- he won big with the Duke Blue Devils and led the Florida Gators to their first national title -- still hasn't won more than the eight games he won in Year 2 of his Gamecocks tenure. Even more telling is that Carolina has lost six games in each of the past three seasons.

By all accounts, Spurrier's staff has recruited well. The snag here has been, most notably, shaky quarterback play -- which is ironic, of course, because Spurrier used to crank out prolific passers more than anyone. The school hasn't produced a quarterback who has received award consideration in more than a decade; not even an honorable mention for All-SEC has come from Columbia, which is pretty stunning. The only school in the SEC with a worse run of quarterbacks may be the Mississippi State Bulldogs. You have to go back to Victor Penn being named as the passer on the SEC's all-freshman team in 1997 to find a Gamecocks quarterback of distinction. (Penn later went to junior college and resurfaced at UCF.)

This brings us to the story of 2010 for South Carolina football: the continuing education of Stephen Garcia.