Top 10: NFL individual draft classes 

April, 21, 2010

Last week, Adam Schefter had something in his blog about the top first-round classes by school. It got me to thinking about what have been the best college draft crops in history. I started researching this as best I could, working from the point of the NFL careers these players ended up having. That is this week's top 10 list. (Caveat: it's still too early to factor in some recent classes, such as the 2009 USC group and the 2006 Ohio State class.)

1. USC Trojans, 1983: The Trojans had three first-rounders (Bruce Matthews, Joey Browner and Don Mosebar), who combined to play in a whopping 23 Pro Bowls. Twenty-three Pro Bowls. Wow. LB Riki (Gray) Ellison, a fifth-rounder, spent 10 seasons in the NFL and was a key part of the 49ers' Super Bowl teams. Byron Darby played seven seasons in the NFL. George Achica, August Curley, Kelly Thomas, Jeff Simmons and Troy West also all made it in the NFL.