Meet the (new) new Reggie Bush 

April, 27, 2010

Most top recruits in the Class of 2010 are finishing up high school; Dillon Baxter, one of the top RB prospects, enrolled early with the USC Trojans -- and already has generated some buzz.

Baxter's elusive style has wowed many observers. His new coach, Lane Kiffin, even has evoked Reggie Bush's name. Some of that grew from one amazing run Baxter made in a USC scrimmage a few weeks ago. You can see that run, and a collection of other plays he strung together, off this link. The highlight-reel run made it to the Internet and Baxter's rep took off. As of Monday night, Baxter's zigzagging run has almost 1.8 million views. (A buddy points out this is more than the 1.46 million people who watched one of the NBA playoff games last Friday night on TV.)

I spoke to Baxter the other day to see how he's handling the transition to college.

You became an Internet sensation pretty fast after that one run during the first scrimmage. How'd you view all of that?

Dillon Baxter: It's crazy how one play can blow up out of nowhere. I haven't thought too much about it, other than when people text me about it. Whatever. I'm really just trying to keep making plays.

How many times have you watched it on YouTube?

At first, I didn't know about it. But then people started telling me about it. I tried to find it, but I couldn't. Then a friend showed it to me. I watched it once.