What the 'We Are ND' reaction means 

May, 3, 2010

Things have changed dramatically in the way stories -- and even non-stories -- take on lives of their own these days. In college football, anything that relates to the image of a program -- whether it's due to an offseason player arrest or a recruiting violation -- can be spun many different ways in a few heartbeats. A few days ago, a music video called "We Are ND" went viral. Among those appearing in the four-minute video are new Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly, former ND lineman Mike Golic and long-time ND announcer Mike Collins. As the video spread and was passed around via Facebook and Twitter, it caused a lot of Notre Dame fans to cringe.

I first saw the music video early Friday morning. Soon, half of my Twitter feed was about the reaction to "We are ND" and the video's star, a musician called Freekbass.

The backlash from the ND fan base has been strong. A Facebook group started in protest swelled to over 3,000 members over the weekend.