Prep for the year of Jake Locker 

May, 4, 2010

Last week, I went up to Washington to check out the Huskies and watch star QB Jake Locker at practice. I also had a chance to speak to Locker -- and those who are closest to him. Here are 10 things that intrigued me from those conversations about the quarterback whom some analysts are touting as the top prospect for next year's NFL draft. If this is indeed going to become the year of Locker, this will be a handy reference tool.

The Natural:
"He doesn't play much golf, but he's the best Happy Gilmore drive guy I've seen," said his dad, Scott Locker. "He can do the walk-up [swing] and hit it 350 yards."

The Natural?
"Jake would get up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays early for two years from the time he was 15, so he could go an hour and a half before school and do a sprinters workout with the track coach to increase his speed," said his dad. "Sometimes, people think it's all God-given, but he's got a lot of work ethic, too."