The rivalries we want 

May, 17, 2010

The recent buzz about a possible renewal of the Miami-Notre Dame series was good to hear. College football is better for rivalries like this one. That got me to thinking that there are a handful of matchups I'd love to see on a regular or even semi-regular basis.

So here are the top 4. (The caveats: The entire SEC doesn't get to face Lane Kiffin, and Notre Dame can't play everyone. One new game per team.)

1. Alabama-USC
The Trojans against any SEC program would get a lot of folks stirred up. USC thumped a couple of SEC schools earlier this decade (Auburn and Arkansas) and the national title split between the Trojans and LSU after the 2003 season sparked even more debate between loyalists of both conferences. On one level, the thought of Lane Kiffin's school versus Florida, Urban Meyer's program, would be fantastic, as would USC-Tennessee. But I'm going with Alabama instead of the Gators on this one. Bama is riding higher than any program at this point and is king of the SEC heap. Better still, there is some rich history between the Tide and the Trojans dating back to the famed Sam "Bam" Cunningham performance almost four decades ago.