The 'other' Kevin McReynolds 

May, 24, 2010

There is another Kevin McReynolds on the sports scene (the first one, of course, was the former MLB outfielder who had a 12-year career, possibly best known for his time with the New York Mets). This one is a promising defensive tackle in the 2011 recruiting class from Washington, D.C. McReynolds, a member of the ESPN 150 Watch List, is an engaging interview. He is active on Twitter and said he plans to start a program to help underprivileged children in his community.

I spoke with him about what it's like to be a blue-chip recruit this year, in regard to some potential rule changes, the wide-spread conference expansion speculation and some other things.

Feldman: How is the recruiting process going for you?
It's busy and really stressful.

What's stressful about it?
People calling at dinner, and every time I pick up a book, my phone rings. It doesn't stop ringing. Reporters bug you late at night.

How late is "late at night"?
Any time after 9 or 10 at night is too late.

When do you want to make your college decision?
All the way till signing day. I'll come down with a top five probably towards the end of the season. I'll make one recruiting visit during the season, but other than that, it'll be after the season.

How many schools have you visited so far?
Quite a few. I've done all of the North Carolina schools except Wake Forest and Duke. I've done Pittsburgh and Penn State. I've done Ohio State and UTEP.

Next Friday is my last exam and then I have prom and after that I'm getting on a plane to go to New York to Rutgers. From there, I get on another plane to go to Alabama to see Auburn. From there, I go to see Arkansas. Then, I come back here for three days. After that, I head to Oregon. Then, I go down the coast to see USC and UCLA and then to Arizona State. I'm racking up the frequent flier miles. Then, I go down to Texas and I'll see some family and maybe go to TCU.

Are you going with your coach or your parents on those trips?
Probably my parents.

There's been talk about the NCAA considering allowing an official visit in June of the prospect's junior year. Would you like to see that go through?
That would get one of my visits out of the way so I could focus on the schools that I know I like. Then again, if it's June, you wouldn't get the total feel of the school, so I'm kinda 50-50 with that. You wouldn't have to miss school, but you wouldn't get a real good feel for the school because all that would be there would be summer session for the athletes and not everybody on the campus and the camaraderie and all that.