Inside 'The Rock Tour' 

May, 27, 2010

Next month thousands of high school football players will visit college campuses in hopes of catching the eye of coaches. Some will arrive at these schools already armed with scholarship offers -- but most will not. These kids, at the very least, can expect to pick up a few tips, see roughly where their talent level measures up to other football players their age and hopefully meet some famous coaches and that experience will last a lifetime. The camps are supposed to be set up for instructional purposes, but in truth, they are de facto try-out camps.

George Whitfield, a self-described "Quarterback Builder" in the San Diego area, has devised a plan to try and maximize the football camp scene. Whitfield, a former Arena Football QB, is leading a group of 25 athletes (most of them quarterbacks) on a 10-day journey on a chartered bus trip to 10 colleges on the east coast known as "the Rock Tour." The group flies from California to Miami on June 12, which kicks off a tour that goes from UM to FAU to UF to FSU to Georgia to Alabama to Kentucky to Ohio State to Penn State and then finally onto Maryland. All of the school visits, save for the tour of the FAU facilities, will include camp workouts.

Why is it called the Rock Tour?