Bush's debatable Heisman 

June, 4, 2010

Here is this week's mailbag. If you'd like to submit questions, send them to me via Twitter @BFeldmanESPN.

Q: I saw your Tweet about the Heisman poll, where seven of 10 voters said that even if Reggie Bush is found to have been ineligible, he still should not have his award taken away. I think that's silly. Vince Young proved in the Rose Bowl, he already should have that trophy!

-- David (Dallas)

A:The poll you're referencing was done by Heisman Pundit. I took part in it and was curious, and surprised to see the responses:

"Any benefit he received was off the field," said one voter. "Thus, it had no impact on how he performed on the field. If he was found to have used a performance-enhancing drug, then I would take away the Heisman."

A strong majority agreed with that train of thought: