Pac-10 commish forcing Big Ten's hand 

June, 7, 2010

It has been a chaotic couple of months in college football filled with conference expansion talk. Over the past 96 hours or so, things have really ramped up. Here's a little leaderboard update on the newsmakers on that front.

(1) Larry Scott: The former CEO of the Women's Tennis Association was a mystery man to almost everyone when the Pac-10 named him as its new commissioner. In a year, Scott has transitioned from being a guy who hadn't attended a football game in years to making a run to become the most powerful man in college sports. The former Harvard tennis captain appears to have outmaneuvered Big Ten commish Jim Delany in this big conference expansion tango. When Scott was named the Pac-10's top guy, a buddy who had covered him in the tennis world described Scott as a very sharp guy and not afraid to make bold moves. That certainly is showing up. Scott is coming across as the opposite of his more button-downed predecessor, Tom Hansen, and that figures to pay huge dividends for his conference.