Utah's recruiting boost 

June, 17, 2010

For much of this decade, Utah has been one of the best programs in college football. The Utes have won two BCS bowls, both in dominant fashion. They also can boast the best record (19-11) of any school from a non-automatic conference against BCS teams since the BCS was created in 1998, Lya Wodraska writes, adding that the Utes also have a nine-game bowl winning streak, the longest current streak in the country and the second-longest in history. Florida State won 11 straight games from 1985 to 1996 and USC won each of the nine bowl games it played from 1923 to 1945.

But the program was still a low-profile one because Utah didn't play in a "major" conference. That is now changing, as thanks to a run of excellent coaches the Utes have won by finding underrated prospects and developing them. But they've never had much luck reeling in the big blue-chip prospects.