Tennessee's uphill battle 

June, 18, 2010

Here is this week's mailbag. If you'd like to submit questions, send them to me via Twitter: @BFeldmanESPN.

From Justin in Nashville: Not that I miss Lane Kiffin because I certainly don't, but am I wrong for thinking we've got the wrong guy in Derek Dooley? Do we have even a 50-50 shot of winning seven games this fall?

Dooley certainly has a good pedigree -- of course so does Kiffin. Still, it's not as if Dooley arrived with a great record from his days at La. Tech. If you're a UT fan, would you rather have Kevin Sumlin as your coach?

I do like some of the staffing hires Dooley made, especially bringing on Bennie Wylie, the old Texas Tech strength coach. That's always a key role, but I think it's even more so when you're talking about a program that has had three different coaching changes in roughly 18 months. Another key for Dooley was retaining Jim Chaney, the offensive coordinator. Chaney is both a well-respected offensive mind and a strong recruiter.