Wisdom from Jacory Harris and more 

July, 20, 2010

One of my favorite offseason events every year is the EA Sports Elite 11 QB Camp in southern California. It is a great chance to see not only the top upcoming high school senior quarterbacks but also a half-dozen or so college QBs who help run the camp. The camaraderie is excellent, and you often get a great window into some of these young talents.

Monday was the first day of the camp. There was a late-afternoon throwing session for the campers, a few promising underclassmen, the college QBs and New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, who comes to this event every year since his mentor, Bob Johnson, is the lead coach. After that, there was dinner and then, since it's the opening night of the four-day event, everyone filed into the film room. One by one they are called up to the front to introduce themselves, talk about the system they run back home (almost all of the campers say they run at least 75 percent of their snaps out of the shotgun) and give some detail about them that most people don't know.