Nick Saban will (not) see you now 

July, 21, 2010

We've moved into the next phase of the agent scandal story. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban came out guns blazing, criticizing the NFL and agents.

This outburst is a result of Marcel Dareus -- expected to be a big player on Bama's D this year and a big player in last year's BCS title game -- coming under scrutiny regarding the party of an agent in Miami.

At the very least, I know this situation has scared NFL's college scouts, who rely on the access and cooperation of staffs like Saban's to do their jobs.

I spoke to one long-time scout last night. He told me about the consequences if Saban follows through on this:

    "We're neutered. We can do nothing. If Nick sets the precedent, I'd be shocked if the rest don't follow suit [and shut the doors to NFL scouts]."