In discussion with Jacory Harris 

July, 29, 2010

I had a chance to visit with Miami QB Jacory Harris at last week's EA Sports Elite 11 QB Camp, which I blogged from here.

Harris is one of the more intriguing QBs in college football this year: He has some thumb issues, has a huge game within the first two weeks of the season against Ohio State and has grown a great deal as a leader during his time at Miami.

I also spoke with Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins at Elite 11; I'll be offering up that interview next week.

Before we get to the Harris interview, here's the Miami Blue Ribbon preview, to familiarize yourself with expectations, and here's a video feature on Harris from "College GameDay" last September.

At what point did your thumb become 100 percent?
I'd say probably about midway through June.

You had said it got a little sore after throwing (the second day of the camp); did that make you nervous?
Nah, because we're throwing a lot of balls here, and it's back-to-back days of a lot of throwing. Before, I'd been throwing a couple of times a week. It's going to keep getting stronger.

Being at the Elite 11 QB camp now as opposed to when you were a high school senior, how are you different since then?