Week 1 stories: Kellen, Rich Rod, UNC 

August, 31, 2010

And it's finally game week!

Oh, wait, we said that yesterday.

So now we're officially into the in-season routine. Here are this week's biggest storylines; I'll be doing this on Tuesdays throughout the fall.

1. The vetting of the Boise State Broncos:
You're either rooting for the Broncos to stick it to the Virginia Tech Hokies (and the power elite of college football and the BCS) or you're rooting for the Broncos to get smashed Monday night. Regardless, it's a safe bet that you'll be riveted to the television. Boise State is a big deal right now. No one in college football is a hotter topic. Ask anyone who follows college football and they'll give you an opinion on Boise State and they'll probably get worked up doing it. These days, you can't say that about almost any other subject in the sport, at least not when it comes the level of passion you'd get.