Oregon's BCS title chances 

September, 17, 2010

Welcome to the Friday mailbag. There were a bunch of good questions this week. As always, you can hit me up on Twitter if you have a good topic to discuss.

From @TheRobMorse: If Oregon goes 12-0, how do the Ducks NOT go to Glendale?

The Ducks are in a better position than Boise State or TCU, but they're just not in a better position than an undefeated Big Ten or SEC champ, and I'm not sure they'd be in a better position than an undefeated Big 12 champ either. If anything, I think choosing between, say, an undefeated Iowa, Nebraska and Oregon, would prompt a lot more playoff talk than something involving Boise St. or TCU.

The tough part for Oregon is when you look at their schedule (read: résumé), the team may not have any wins over top-10 teams. Right now, there are four ranked teams lined up, but none are higher than No. 18 (USC). The Ducks need the Trojans to start looking impressive. If Arizona was able to handle No. 9 Iowa and Oregon State could take down Boise St., that would help too. Smashing a Tennessee team on the road in SEC country is nice, but it probably won't carry much weight if the Vols end up as a 5-7 team.