Ryan Mallett is SEC's most pivotal player 

September, 22, 2010

Saturday features a huge matchup between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayetteville, Ark. As I mentioned Tuesday and as many of my colleagues are writing, it's the first of many SEC matchups that will shape the conference in 2010.

Along those lines, this week's top 10 list is the most pivotal players in the league. Just to avoid arguments in the comments section: These aren't necessarily the best players or the most NFL-ready players or anything else. It's guys pivotal to the SEC in 2010.

1. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas Razorbacks QB:
No one has a stronger arm, and few quarterbacks have as good a crew of receivers as Mallett has. He was superb last week to rally the Hogs to a late win at Georgia, but now things really get hefty: No. 1 Alabama is coming to town. Last season, Mallett struggled mightily against the Tide. If he pilots an upset this week, the Hogs will become a legit BCS title contender and he'll go to No. 1 in the Heisman hunt.