Urban Meyer vs. Nick Saban, Part III 

September, 28, 2010

This weekend has significant matchups in almost every region of the country. It should be pretty awesome. Here's what I'm watching for:

1. Can the Florida Gators get revenge?
Last year, Florida wore the weight of having the bull's-eye on its back for the season as the returning BCS champs and eventually got thumped by the Alabama Crimson Tide -- and convincingly -- in the SEC title game. Now, it's the Gators who are in more of the upstart role. UF is a 9-point underdog. In the past five years, the Gators have never been that big of an underdog. Twice, they've been a 7-point dog: at LSU in 2007 (a game the Gators lost) and in the BCS title game in Arizona against Ohio State (whom the Gators destroyed).

Urban Meyer is downplaying any revenge angle: "A lot of people are asking, 'Is there payback?'" Meyer said. "A good majority of our team wasn't even with us last year during that game."