Les Miles is on a heck of a run 

October, 10, 2010

Welcome to the fall of Les Miles.

That sentence is all about context -- because I mean fall as a season, not as a drop from grace. The latter is what almost every media member, SEC fan -- including some LSU Tigers fans -- and college football observer had been expecting in 2010.

Fact is, it's time we all smartened up and realized this. Maybe the guy is just smarter than everyone else. My God, how much more proof do we need? Miles keeps frantically pushing buttons and his damnfineteam keeps winning. One of the hardest things for any staff to do is rally its team to respond the following week after gut-wrenching, emotional games, and Miles keeps getting wins, somehow.


As I said the other day, you can't make it more than a paragraph or so without including the word "somehow" when speaking of the wizardry that is Les Miles. If nothing else, he is maddeningly instinctive. He is the card player who hits on 20 or the golfer who, rather than take the unplayable, flips his club face over, stands the opposite way and then aims for a narrow gap between some trees. Miles' logic has now been elevated to Chuck Norris proportions:

Les Miles runs with scissors around a swimming pool.

Les Miles goes south of the border just to gargle the water.

Les Miles flosses with razor blades.

Even Craig Sager's wardrobe thinks Les Miles is pushing the envelope.

Saturday night, I was riveted in my hotel room in Michigan as I watched the final minutes of LSU's game at the Florida Gators. Miles' Tigers trailed by three with 35 seconds remaining and faced a fourth-and-1 at the Gators' 36. The best thing about sports is the unscripted nature of it, and who serves us better than Les Miles? No one.

No one.