Noel Devine's journey of change 

October, 13, 2010

Noel Devine brings his tray over to the table in the back of the dining hall of the West Virginia Mountaineers' football complex and places it down next to mine. He extends his hand and has a grin on his face.

"I'll be back in a second. Need anything while I'm up?" he asks me.

No, I'm good. Thanks, though.

And with that, the short West Virginia running back heads over to the drink station. It's a sunny Tuesday in early September. I stopped in Morgantown on my way from D.C. (for Boise State Broncos versus Virginia Tech Hokies) to Columbus, Ohio (for Miami Hurricanes versus Ohio State Buckeyes). I figured I'd speak to Devine for a few minutes and hoped to get a note out of it for the blog.

The previous time I had spoken to Devine was after his freshman season for a story I wrote for ESPN The Magazine. I remember it being one of the more challenging interviews I have done because it was difficult coaxing him to say much of anything that day.

It didn't surprise me given what I thought I knew about him.