Cam Newton, Big Ten putting on a show 

October, 24, 2010

I've led this blog with Auburn Tigers QB Cameron Newton three times in the past week. I was determined not to do it again. The Missouri Tigers did go out and knock off the No. 1 team in the BCS standings, the Oklahoma Sooners, and that deserves attention. However, it's been a wacky month for No. 1s getting dropped: three in a row (Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide before this, and all were the "College GameDay" site).

Honestly, determined as I was not to open a recap blog with Newton, the big issue in college football right now seems to be: How do we make sense of what this guy is doing?

Running quarterbacks are supposed to wear down as the season goes on -- not get stronger. It's late October, and Newton looks as if he's just getting warmed up. Throw out the Tigers' 52-3 demolition of Louisiana-Monroe, in which he had only one carry, and Newton's worst running game this past month was for 176 yards against South Carolina.

That's his worst game.