Mario Cristobal is doing the impossible 

December, 27, 2010

The best arguments against the "there are too many bowl games" lament danced, jumped on top of each other and howled from the pits of their stomachs moments after they pulled off the most improbable comeback of what has truly been a chaotic college football season.

You can forgive FIU coach Mario Cristobal if he, too, got caught up in the moment every bit as much as his players did, after his kicker nailed a 34-yard game-winning field goal as time expired to defeat Toledo 34-32, which came after the Golden Panthers successfully (by inches) pulled off a hook-and-ladder play they call "Boise" on a fourth-and-17, which came after they battled back from a 24-7 second-half disadvantage.

"We're very emotional right now. For us, what we've achieved is brand-new. That is awesome right there," Cristobal told ESPN sideline reporter Quint Kessenich as the coach observed his players, staffers and fans celebrating in Ford Field early Monday morning. "That is awesome."

It truly was awesome.