UNC could have won BCS title 

February, 28, 2011

Everywhere you turned at the NFL combine in Indianapolis this weekend, you seemed to spot a North Carolina Tar Heels football player. In fact, UNC players almost outnumbered ESPN staffers in the media room, which is saying something. In all, Butch Davis' program had 12 guys at the combine, by far the most representatives of any school.

Trouble is when you have more players at the combine than you do victories the previous year and have four more players invited to Indy than the two BCS National Championship Game participants combined, it's usually the mark of a disappointing year. And there is little question that the 2010 season qualifies as a major disappointment for UNC.

"They should've been playing for the national title with the talent they had," said one NFL coach this weekend. "Their defensive personnel was [expletive] sick. They looked more like an SEC team than any SEC team last year because they had freak D-linemen inside and out, linebackers who can outrun running backs and playmakers in the secondary. No one had talent like that. Not even close. If anyone could've shut down Auburn this year, this would've been the bunch that could've done it."