Fisher bullish on Seminoles' future 

March, 21, 2011

TALLAHASSEE -- Most of the offices of college head coaches look pretty similar: big oak desks littered with papers; huge flat-screen TV; a big window facing out onto the field and pictures and plaques covering the walls. In fact, you'd think empty wall space would be held in the same regard as those play suggestions coaches get from fans they run into at gas stations while they fill up their cars.

Jimbo Fisher's office setting is different. Oh, he has the big desk. The great view. The jumbo flatscreen. There is also a life-size cutout of the second-year Florida State head coach selling Coke Zero. However, aside from some pictures of family, the lack of clutter on the walls is surprising.

On the floor is a poster-sized frame with what appears to be the blueprint depicting rings from Jostens. The enlarged sketch shows engravings for the Chick-fil-A Bowl champions, and for being the state of Florida champs, with the scores of the Noles' big wins over arch rivals Miami (45-17) and Florida (31-7).

It was a pretty good first season for Fisher running the show in Tallahassee. Now, as expectations soar (and yes, I'm on record as touting the Noles as my dark horse BCS title contender), where can Fisher take this program?

The Noles finished 10-4 in 2010. The good news: dominating wins over UM and UF and beating No. 20 South Carolina in the bowl. The bad news: they got destroyed 47-17 at OU, lost consecutive games to unranked opponents (NC State and UNC) by a combined six points at midseason and then lost to No. 15 Va. Tech 44-33 in the ACC title game.

But Fisher also signed the nation's No. 1 recruiting class, bringing a lot of buzz about the program -- and not just around Tallahassee. And after listening to Fisher, it sure sounds like he thinks they have the stuff to make a BCS title run this year: