Top 10 strongest men in college football 

April, 20, 2011

Later this spring, we'll unveil the annual Freaks list, but today we're focusing on players who possess pure, brute strength. Who are the strongest men in college football? If you go by guys who will be playing major college football in 2011, one would have to be incoming Kansas State Wildcats freshman defensive tackle Samuel Harvill, who once set the 16-year-old world record in the bench press. But for this post, I'm going to stick to players who are already enrolled with programs.

1. Josh Chapman, DT, Alabama Crimson Tide

He doesn't have the heft of Mount Cody (Terrence Cody), his former Tide teammate, but in the weight room, Chapman isn't taking a back seat to anyone. I remember hearing talk about what a powerhouse this guy was back in his recruiting days. Now up to 305 pounds, Chapman benches a jaw-dropping 580 pounds and squats 630, according to the Crimson Tide strength staff.

2. Mike Martin, NT, Michigan Wolverines

The Wolverines' defense might have been flimsy last season, but don't blame Martin. The 298-pounder, a guy who won a high school state wrestling title in his first season competing in the sport, is a freak. He's squatted more than 700 pounds, power cleaned 430, hang cleaned 475 and bench pressed more than 500. Oh, and he's run the 40-yard dash in the 4.9-second range.