Dissecting the Tressel allegations 

April, 25, 2011

The NCAA's official Notice of Allegations was given to Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee on Friday. As expected, in the document obtained by the Columbus Dispatch, the NCAA accused coach Jim Tressel of dishonesty for hiding violations by seven current and former players who sold awards and equipment to a tattoo-parlor owner.

    The NCAA warned that it could treat Ohio State as a repeat offender stemming from the violations involving former quarterback Troy Smith, who took $500 from a booster and former men's basketball coach Jim O'Brien, who gave $6,000 to a recruit. That finding is the most damning and potentially most damaging because repeat offenders face post-season bans, the entire coaching staff could be suspended and the school could lose scholarships, according to NCAA rules.

    "It was reported that Jim Tressel, head football coach, failed to deport himself in accordance with the honesty and integrity normally associated with the conduct and administration of intercollegiate athletics and violated ethical-conduct legislation," the 13-page NCAA document says.

As we've talked about for weeks, this is going to be a big problem for Tressel and for Ohio State.