Report not a good sign for Ducks 

June, 21, 2011

What sounded really fishy at first now looks even worse. Much worse. On Monday, reports of documents that Oregon released about Will Lyles' very expensive recruiting service of a "National" package for 2011 recruits revealed that 133 of the 140 prospects were from Texas -- and all the recruits listed were actually from the 2009 class. This looks only more dubious knowing that Lyles -- the Texan at the center of this -- has been a mentor to former five-star running back recruit Lache Seastrunk, who signed with the Ducks in February of 2010, less than one month after Oregon shelled out $25,000 for Lyles' "recruiting services."

There is also another curious aspect of Oregon's reaction to the Lyles recruiting service dustup: Where is the video that he should have provided? I spoke with several in-house recruiting coordinators on Monday and Tuesday and each said that for $25,000, Lyles better have provided a lot of video. Not just game film, but cut-ups as well for recruits in Texas and Louisiana and Florida and Georgia and California ...