Offseason's biggest winners and losers 

August, 3, 2011

We've got a little twist for this week's top 10 list: We're focusing on the five teams who have surged the most since the BCS title game ended, and the five who have been hit the hardest. Here are the offseason's biggest winners and losers:

Five rising

1. Stanford Cardinal
The Cardinal lost Jim Harbaugh, as expected, to the NFL. The job Harbaugh did at Stanford should go down as one of the best turnaround jobs any coach has pulled off in the past 25 years. The Cardinal also lost a couple of other top assistants.

So why is Stanford on this list and not the one below it? Simple: The Cardinal kept stud QB Andrew Luck for one more season. And, because of that, Stanford is a legit top-15 team. Without Luck around this fall, I'm not sure that Stanford would make a bowl. He is that much of an impact guy.