Auburn better off than Oregon 

July, 6, 2011
Received an interesting email moments ago -- well, I think it was moments ago. My East Coast-based internal clock is still spinning after the five-hour (I think) flight to Oregon.

Nevertheless, a reader asked why I didn't include Auburn in my feature about how Oregon, Ohio State and Tennessee have been affected by really slow NCAA investigations.

Some points:
1. My focus was mostly on Oregon. This is my first trip to Portland, Ore., and I've been blown away. The people are fantastic. The landscape is varied and gorgeous. Since Eugene, Ore., is a little more than 100 miles away, I'm assuming there are plenty of similarities. The Opening would have been a great opportunity to showcase the state to the top prospects. Because of the NCAA investigation into serious potential violations, it's an opportunity lost for the Ducks.

Dave Hooker

Reporter, RecruitingNation