South Florida's new attitude 

August, 25, 2010
It's no secret that Skip Holtz wants to install a tougher attitude to go along with South Florida's team speed and with the recent commitments of offensive lineman Max Lang (Orlando, Fla./Boone) and Thor Jozwiak (Eagle Lake, Fla./Lake Region) he is doing just that.

Holtz is looking for players that will help the Bulls compete better against Rutgers and Cincinnati, whom they have lost their last eight contests to. When Holtz reviewed the tapes of the last few seasons he saw too many occasions where South Florida couldn't recover from being punched in the mouth.

He's trying to recruit the players that will respond and quite possibly do some counter punching of their own. The Bulls will still go after speedy skilled players and will continue to play a wide-open style of offense, but they will become bigger, strong and tougher on both sides of the lines.