Friday afternoon mailbag 

September, 2, 2011
Mailbag ...

Hello Corey. Now that Texas A&M is finally entering the SEC what is the hope for their recruiting class now and in the future?
Horace Lamont, Houston, Texas

Hello Horace, I contacted a few members of Texas A&M's 2012 recruiting class the first time this story came around and the guys I talked to appeared to already be happily penciling in the SEC schedule for the future. I expect Texas A&M will get a boost in recruiting, at least in the short term because playing in the SEC is more exciting than playing anywhere else. Whether or not the SEC is the best conference is a matter of opinion. But the perception is that the SEC is the best conference and in the eyes of many recruits perception is reality. I don't expect many, if any, of the current recruits are disappointed about leaving the Big XII even if it means ending the series with Texas. Of course this is all assuming the Aggies join the SEC right? (wink wink).

Corey Long

Reporter, RecruitingNation