The bowl affiliation dance 

October, 15, 2010

Welcome back to Going Bowling, where we will always refuse to believe that the Bluebonnet and Seattle Bowls are gone.

Before we get started, a quick shout-out to Murray State and Missouri State. On Monday I wrote about the ridonculously wild 84-55 track meet between NAIA schools Union College and Bethel University. Reader Christopher Podunajec brought another basketball score to my attention, an NCAA FCS matchup won by Murray State 72-59 over Missouri State.

Quarterback Casey Brockman threw for 570 yards and seven touchdowns, five of which were hauled in by receiver Marcus Harris. The aptly named Racers set school records for points scored, touchdowns (10) and total offense (816 yards), and tied for most plays run from scrimmage (94).

We'd be so lucky to have a performance like that in one of this year's bowls.

The affiliation dance

"This is going to sound corny, but every time you change conference affiliations it feels like a divorce."

As soon as Bernie Olivas said it I assured him that, yes, it did sound corny. But I could tell from the visible pain in his face that the longtime executive director of the Sun Bowl was not joking. Our conversation took place at the ACC's preseason media days in Greensboro, N.C. He was there to talk about a new agreement that would pit an ACC selection against its traditional Pac-10 invitee. The new deal ended a four-year partnership with the Big 12 and Big East, the first and last of which brought Missouri and Oklahoma to El Paso. The middle two games hosted South Florida and Pitt.