Midwest tour: Pattonville Pirates 

October, 25, 2010

Pattonville Pirates

Head coach: Steve Smith, second year

Team overview: In the 1990s, Pattonville was a perennial power in St. Louis. The Pirates are getting back to basics under former Pattonville star Steve Smith. The Pirates were 2-8 last year and now they're 7-2 heading into this weekend's game with Francis Howell. "We needed to get these kids to buy in," Smith said. "The older kids needed to show the younger kids how to fight, how to never give up no matter the outcome of the game." Smith knows a little about perseverance. While at Northern Illinois and playing for coach Joe Novak, the Huskies went 1-10 and 0-11 but Smith took a lot out of those two seasons. "When Coach Novak took over, he told us that we'd have to buy into his system but it would be painful for a few years," Smith said. "Now I've seen the success that Northern Illinois has had, it makes me feel good and I know I can pass that down to my kids here at Pattonville."