The Eliminator: Orange, Sugar bowls

Much is made of Ohio State's problems with SEC teams, but Cameron Heyward and their defense should keep them in the Sugar Bowl the whole way. Getty Images

In college football, some stats matter more than others. We're not saying the Washington State Cougars shouldn't be proud of their No. 1 overall ranking in yardage allowed per kickoff return, but it's safe to say that proficiency in this stat didn't help the 2-10 Cougars nearly as much as being the nation's top team in passing efficiency aided the Auburn Tigers.

Doing well in certain statistical categories directly correlates to having success in college football. This was the basis of our Eliminator series this year, and it can help us when looking at this week's BCS bowl game matchups. We looked at a weakness by each team in a pivotal stat category, the ability of an opponent's ability to exploit it, and also provided an overall statistical breakdown of the stat categories that matter.

Here, we apply this to the 2011 Orange and Sugar bowls.