Why Oregon Ducks should win it all

Oregon's pass defenders -- Talmadge Jackson III, John Boyett and more -- should be able to slow down Cam Newton and Auburn. Getty Images

Throughout the season, the Oregon Ducks have met every benchmark in our Eliminator rankings, which draw on the numbers of past champions in key statistical categories to determine which teams most closely resemble past national title winners.

The Auburn Tigers are elite statistically as well -- except for a few key categories in which they are lacking.

These two teams' differences lie almost exclusively in the passing game. Oregon and Auburn are the nation's fourth- and fifth-best rushing teams, respectively, and have done a good job in clamping down on opposing running games, excelling in the yards-per-carry and yards-per-game categories. Because it's hard to find a noticeable difference in the production of these two teams' running games, a look at the passing games could be the key to Monday night's showdown.