Big Ten's big two have big tests

What an opening weekend! TCU rocked the Sooners' season and even Bobby Bowden got a special teams break (actually several!) with FSU's win over Miami. The first weekend jitters are out of the way for a lot of teams and players. We'll now start to see a trend.

Will Oklahoma recover and have somebody step up and make plays? Will Louisville's defense be strong enough to go undefeated? Could there be a legitimate dark horse in the ACC with Georgia Tech? I think Miami has a keeper in QB Kyle Wright. How 'bout the debut of Florida's Chris Leak, running Urban Meyer's playbook? Is Philip Fulmer going to stick with one QB ... or go back and forth all season? The Big 12 sure left the gate with a hitch in its giddyap. Maybe Texas is the only power team down there. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of power in the Big Ten. And Oregon just might be an obstacle for the Trojans.

Lots of questions to ponder. And after this week's games, I'm sure we'll expand on some of these thoughts and add a few more. Here's a look at some of Saturday's top games.