Boston College vs. Vanderbilt


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Boston College offense vs. Vanderbilt defense
Redshirt freshman QB Dominique Davis will start for just the third time in his career and he's yet to show he can make defenses pay for loading up against the run. As a result, true freshmen RBs Montel Harris and Josh Haden can expect to see plenty of eight-man fronts with 212-pound Commodores SS Reshard Langford frequently creeping up to the line of scrimmage. Langford is a relentless run defender with sideline-to-sideline range and he can deliver the big hit when he gets to the ball. That doesn't bode well for the Eagles' ground game because neither Harris nor Haden has ideal size or power. However, both backs change direction and speed well and Langford doesn't always take sound pursuit angles. If Langford underestimates their top-end speed and is too shallow on pursuit angles Harris and Haden could break into the open and both are fast enough to rip off big chunks of yards.

Davis has had plenty of time to prepare for a Vanderbilt pass defense that has been one of the stingiest in the nation, but look for Commodores defensive coordinator Bruce Fowler to put some wrinkles in his game plan. Fowler will throw a number of different looks at Davis in an effort to force him to either hold the ball too long or throw into coverage. He can afford to take this approach because CBs D.J. Moore and Myron Lewis can hold their own in man coverage working against Eagles WRs Rich Gunnell and Brandon Robinson. In addition, Davis has to be careful when he throws at either corner because the two have combined for 10 interceptions this season.
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