Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ole Miss offense vs. Texas Tech defense
Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt wants to test the discipline of Texas Tech's linebacker corps, which starts true sophomore SLB Bront Bird and redshirt sophomore MLB Brian Duncan. Nutt will do so by putting players in motion, running plenty of misdirection and running multiple formations, including the "Wild Rebel." In the Wild Rebel formation, WR Dexter McCluster lines up at quarterback in a shotgun set and a running back lines up wide before going in motion. After the snap, McCluster runs a read option so he can either hand the ball off to the back or keep it himself. Further complicating matters, Ole Miss can run reverses with the receiver lined up opposite the back out of this set. Of course, the Rebels will also run out of more traditional sets, and they should have some success running between the tackles when they do. The Red Raiders lack ideal size at defensive tackle while 225-pound RB Cordera Eason and 220-pound true freshman backup Brandon Bolden are both powerful north-south runners.

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