Friday, January 19, 2018

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech

Hokies will be ready for the spread option, which will force Nesbitt to beat them.

Virginia Tech offense vs. Georgia Tech defense

• Virginia Tech should have some success attacking the perimeter of Georgia Tech's run defense thanks in large part to TEs Greg Boone and Andre Smith, who are doing an excellent job of creating lanes for RB Ryan Williams. Boone gets into position quickly and is big enough (283 pounds) to cover up DEs Derrick Morgan (272 pounds), Izaan Cross (272 pounds) and Anthony Egbuniwe (255 pounds). Smith, who weighs 268 pounds, isn't as effective an inline blocker as Boone, but he's capable and has the athletic ability to get into position at the second level. Making matters worse for the Yellow Jackets, Williams is using these blocks well and is a shifty open-field runner who can make defenders miss with subtle twitches when he gets into space.